Jeffs Area Rugs

My name is Jeff and this is my site about area rugs. Now let me just make it clear that this isn’t one of those boring informational sites. I have went above and beyond because I know reading about area rugs with nothing else can be very boring, believe me, I’ve been there done that. So what I have done in a number of posts is implement videos, images, and more, so you will stay intrigued!


What you’re going to find in this section is, of course, a lot of area rug videos. These videos range from animals playing on area rugs to them peeing on area rugs. I thought that a lot of people would like to see some cuteness with their videos, I mean that is always a big concern of mine so I figured why not, right? Anyways, besides the Area Rug Videos, I’ve also talked about each one in detail. You might want to send them to friends and family and have them take a look. There are also some design tips that you may make your area rug decorating days a whole lot easier.


There are tons of cool area rugs on the internet and I want to bring a few of them some more attention. They are very unique carpets and definitely deserve more attention they are getting. Some of the area rugs you’ll find in my Cool Area Rugs section is a tennis rug and a snow man area rug. Mind you, I have not seen them in person but I definitely love to one day. Bring them home by searching for them online and making the purchase. In the mean time, take a look at the section and decide if you like them or not. And don’t be afraid to leave your feedback!


Ever wonder how much people pay for area rugs? In your wildest dreams, if you had all the money in the world, how much would you be willing to spend on an area rug. Well, you are going to be amazed at some of the area rugs in our Expensive Area Rugs collection and how much they sold for. I’ll put it this way to you, I tried to make an educated guess and wasn’t close. Some people really are crazy and the amount that some people are paying for area rugs these days proves that theory. Take a look and let us know how you feel!


For those of you out there who have been waiting years and years for Area Rugs to appear on How It’s Made, I have good news. Now, I can’t tell you when and if area rugs are ever going to be the featured item on that show, but what I can tell you, is I have created a section directly for you. There are detailed descriptions and videos of how area rugs are made from start to finish. So, if you were every wondering and always to know how area rugs made, here is your chance. If you are just sort of interested, I still suggest you take a look since these things tend to interest everybody who comes and participates. Anyways, see you inside!