Cool Area Rugs

Hello Area Rug

Hello Rug

Hello rug and little black area rug for the doorway.

These rugs are exceptionally cool because they read what they are supposed to be! The yellow one is a welcome mat and it says hello in cursive writing, but even better, the rug is in the shape of the cursive writing. It’s not just a plain old area rug with the world “hello” on it, which would just be plain old boring. Instead they went one step further and made the word the rug. All of your guests are definitely going to be commenting on this particular carpet if you throw it by your door way or entryway. It is obviously tough enough to be outside by busy fit if it’s laying by the doorway. My guess, judging strictly by the image is that it’s made of polypropylene. This rug would work anywhere in your house, though. I don’t think anybody is going to give you the stink eye if you put this piece in your kitchen, bedroom, living room or anything like that, but I do think it’s best suited for the front or back door. Maybe even take it to the office and put it by your cubical if you are feeling incredible that day, ha! The second rug in this image is “the little black rug”, which carries over the same theme as the “hello rug”. The little black rug says the words “the little black rug” in cursive writing and the words are the rug. This is a cute carpet that would fit anywhere in your home, for some reason I picture it being a perfect fit for the living room. The reason I say that is because it would be a great conversation starter, and what better place to start a conversation than in the living room? After all, anybody who is visiting will be in the living room, at some point during their visit. But, that’s just a personal preference, the little black rug could work anywhere around your home. If you know of any other similar styles to these rugs, feel free to share!

Tennis Court Rug

Tennis Area Rug

A tennis court on an area rug - perfect!

If you are a tennis fan this rug is perfect for you! Or, any sports in general actually. I want to go ahead and say this is a clever rug that is very versatile. I mean, obviously it`s a perfect fit for the TV or sports room. Or even one up on that would be a trophy room, or even a tennis trophy room, what a great fit! But, let`s explore other options for now. This rug would be a great piece in a child`s room, in the garage, or living room, depending on surrounding themes. It looks to be a cotton rug and I think that it would probably work outside as well, that of course would depend on the material. A great fit for the bedroom, or even bathroom. Depending on how creative you want to get, I think this tennis rug could work in the oddest of places. The green base with white stripes is pretty easy to coordinate with surrounding décor. Perhaps even combine it with other sports themed area rugs, like basketball, football, soccer, or golf. Maybe even go as far as to create a room dedicated entirely to sports and fill it with only sports rugs now THAT would be cool! Unfortunately, I`m not sure where this rug came from but a quick search online will probably bring up a few vendors that carry it, at least. If it is something that you think you really could make use of, it can be yours, don`t just give up. Go out there and put in some effort and this beautiful tennis rug could be sitting at your place in no time! If you have any more sports themed area rugs that you would like me to share please shoot me an email and I`ll try to get it up as soon as possible!

Snow Man Area Rug

Snow Man Area Rug

Abonimable snow man area rug!

Now this may be the coolest rug I have ever come across in all my years of rug shopping! This appears to be what I can only describe as the abominable snowman. Some may call him big foot but he`s feet don’t look THAT big. Call him a Yeddy or whatever classic creature you can think of. Nonetheless, whatever he is, this is definitely a rug for the ages. It looks like there are handles on the side of his head, unless those are supposed to be his ears? He even has claws to go along with that furry body. This rug is a shag style and looks incredibly comfortable! I think the only place you could put this rug is in maybe a hunting themed room or in a child’s room. But then again, you may be giving your kid nightmares if this is what he has to look at every night before he falls asleep. I think if someone described this rug to me I would picture it as being a cute, cuddly big foot, but that’s definitely not the case. This guy really isn’t cute and could absolutely use a face lift! What’s really cool about this rug is I think it would be incredibly comfy to lie on with the back of your on the back of his head, it can be used as a pillow. I’m not sure on the exact dimensions of the rug as it is just an image, but my guess is that is of fairly good size. I wonder if there are any brothers or sisters of this guy, would love to see those rugs! Although I’m sure this rug would strike up a lot of conversations I don’t think it’s a good fit for the living room or anywhere guests may be visiting. If you hate someone you could buy this rug for them for Christmas? Just kidding, it would be a funny prank though. If you’ve seen any similar rugs to this or know where I can buy one, please don’t hesitate to share!


Fried Eggs Area Rug

Eggs Area Rug

This is the one time you CAN put your food on the floor!

Hungry? Grab some toast, butter, and OJ and go to work! Maybe not the coolest rug in the entire world but certainly the most creative I’ve seen thus far. The yolks of the rug even stick out! This is absolutely fantastic, when I found this gem of a rug I knew it had to be posted. I think it’s necessary that everybody sees this area rug. It’s eggs for crying out loud! I’m not sure that I’ll ever be able to get over it. Obviously this carpet would be great for the kitchen, probably not as the centerpiece but it could definitely work somewhere. It looks like the egg whites are a shag material, probably wool and cotton blend. The yolks look to be a nylon mix of some sort. Definitely not the same material. It’s just an image so I can’t tell. This might be a great fit for your collection of custom or novelty rugs. I think your kids might get a kick out of this in their bedroom, although it may not match the surrounding décor PERFECTLY, it will put a smile on their face and that’s our job as parents is these days isn’t it? Again, I’m not sure if this rug is for sale or if there are similar styles like it. If you are feeling really adventurous I’d say go look around for some orange juice and bacon rugs and make it a trio! Another thing that crossed my mind, I bet this would be really convenient when watching TV or something, the yolks could act as pillows. Even for 2 people! I’m pretty sure this is the neatest rug that was ever invented. Stop hating! I’m feeling it’s about time for a really bad joke. Instead of an area rug you can call it an area egg, ha! I apologize for wasting your time but I’m a loser at times, it’s true!


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