How to Make Area Rugs

How to Make Area Rugs – I have been an area rug fanatic for quite some time and most people know this. Of course when they find out I am really into area rugs, their first question is usually “how do you make area rugs?”. Of course I am not in the manufacturing business but I do know and understand the process that goes into creating these carpets. So rather than babble on for an entire page I’ve put together a page with some videos and information that will hopefully help all of you get a better understanding of exactly how area rugs are made.

Hooking Area Rugs

So you’re wondering how to hand hook rugs? Deanne Fitzpatrick is nice enough to show you to do it in this short video. She is really a great teacher and I didn’t have to watch this video more than once to get a good idea of exactly how rugs are hooked. The nice thing about learning how to hand hook rugs is that you only need to learn one type of stitch. You don’t need to learn a variety of stitches to make it work. All that you need to start hooking is a rug hook, scissors, a piece of backing, wool cloth, and that’s it! In the video, she uses a medium size hook and says that’s what works best for her. If you find you prefer a smaller or larger size then that’s OK, it’s up to you. Throughout the video she encourages you to learn to play with textures, colors, and different materials. There are endless possibilities when it comes to hooking rugs. I’ve never actually seen anyone hand hook a rug although I was familiar with the process. After watching Deanne hook these rugs in this short video, it’s pretty obvious that the entire process is fairly tedious. This may sound a tag ignorant, but the process of hooking rugs looks pretty easy but it just takes time. So hand hooked rugs are not too difficult to make but they are quite time consuming. When I say they are easy to make, I am strictly talking about basic designs. Of course the more complicated the hand hooked rug is, the more complicated the process of making it will be. The video was great, short, and to the point. Please take the time to watch it if you have a general interest on how to hook a rug, it’s only 3 minutes long!

Hand Tufting Area Rugs

The video doesn’t have any commentary or any subtext but it shows you exactly how hand tufted rugs are made. It is really quite interesting, a lot of work goes into these area rugs. I think a lot of people under estimate the amount of work that goes into these magnificent carpets because they are so readily available. It really is just tedious work and a few industry tools. After watching the video the steps I interpreted were this. First you clean the material, then you proceed to dye it. Once it’s nice, clean and dyed you can measure out how much of the material you need. Then you can go ahead and stencil in the design of your rug. You’re going to stencil in the design onto a rug backing. Once your stencil is ready to go, you want to hang it from the ceiling or somewhere it doesn’t have to be standing up. So your hands can be free. Anyways, once you have all this setup you take your tufting gun and load it up with some material and start tufting away. You’ll use the stencils as guidelines and you’ll know what colors to use. The whole process sounds really easy on paper but believe me, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. You may want to do some further research if you need to know the exact specifics. Hand tufted area rugs are reasonably priced and can be found basically anywhere, whether it be at rug stores online or Bricks & Mortars stores.

Knotting Area Rugs

This video is quite informative, it’s really quite fascinating to watch. It touches on hand knotted rugs towards the end and it really does a great job of demonstrating how much work goes into these rugs. Hand knotted rugs are the highest quality area rugs available today. All of these Persian rugs that you hear about selling for so much money are all hand knotted. Hand knotting is an ancient Indian craft dating back hundreds of years. How they do it is they start at the base of the rug and build up row by row. Some of the highest quality hand knotted carpets will have 40 knots per square inch. That means that a 9 x 12 rug can have up to 11,000 knots. After the long process of knotting the rug, that’s when the fun begins. The artisans will continue to finesse the rug by doing a few different things. First they clip the excess fabric off of the rug to ensure that it is flat and even. From there, they will sort the strands of wool by hand and what this is does is help to enhance clarity and design. This process separates the motifs and colors in the rug making the designs cleaner cut and much more desirable to look at. After all, it’s about the aesthetic value as much as it is about the quality of the hand knotted area rug. Hand knotted rugs are not as readily available as other rug weaves because they take so long to make. A lot blood, sweat and tears are put into these area rugs and they can take up to 18 months to make. They are a hot commodity and if you plan to get one don’t count on getting one for cheap! Hand knotted area rugs will do wonders to your home and at first glance you will know that you have a knotted rug and not some imitation. If it doesn’t look like a million bucks there is something wrong.

Power Loomed Area Rugs

Machine made rugs are made in bulk and with the use of a computer. You input the design on a computer and insert the stencil into the machine and voila, your rugs are on their way. Machine made area rugs are made in bulk as you only need someone to operate the computer. That explains why they are the most inexpensive rugs on the market. They are also the thinnest area rugs running about one third of an inch in height. Machine made styles are durable so they are fit to deal with busy feet around busy areas of your home. They are color fast meaning there are no problems with colors fading, they will stay as bright as the day you got them. Maintaining a machine made rug is fairly easy, you can throw them in the washing machine or use a vacuum to clean them up. Machine made rugs are made of a variety of materials including wool, cotton, and synthetic materials like polypropylene, nylon, acrylic and a few others. You’ll find them in all sorts of styles including contemporary, traditional, transitional and many others. Machine made area rugs are made with up to 40 colors and variations and will never become a collector’s item. It is quite rare to find flaws in the rug design since it’s made by computer or using a hand held power loom. These area rugs are virtually flawless and it is for that reason that they appeal to so many consumers today. Unlike handmade styles that are made using only your hands, you will find plenty of mistakes in those, which in a way helps to solidify their credibility. If you ever plan to buy machine made area rugs, don’t expect to sell them for any more than you bought them, they will definitely not appreciate with time.

Flat Weave Area Rugs

Flat weave area rugs are made without absolutely no knots at all. Not surprising since the name of them is flat weave. These carpets have a special look and have no pile height. Flat weave area rugs are completely flat as the weft strands are passed in and out of the warp strands. These area rugs are even thinner than machine made rugs and will not cost you to much. They can be used anywhere around your home and will work well in any setting. Not much of an investment when it comes to flat weave area rugs, something that is a great fit for you if you are working with a small budget. They are made by being placed on a hand loom and then woven from there. Prices of flat weave area rugs can vary but they are definitely a cheaper option. You want to avoid using them in hopes to retain heat, they are not a good option for this as they are to flat to keep any heat. You’ll find them in a bunch of different styles, their styles vary and the color combinations do as well. Order them virtually anywhere you look. Any online rug vendor will carry them and so will any Bricks & Mortar store. Many homeowners today love flat weave area rugs because they are so versatile, fun, and easy to work with. They are readily available and you’ll be able to find anything you want to match the theme of any interior setting. If you need a place to look for flat weave carpets let me know and I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Thanks for reading!


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